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The AMaT Clinical Audit Conference 2022

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This year's conference was a great success. Thank you to all our speakers and delegates. If you'd like to be a speaker at future conferences, or on the AMaT Podcast, contact

How auditing with AMaT leads to quality improvement

Use AMaT to manage QI, service evaluation, patient/staff surveys, and NICE compliance through real-time data and action control.

Introducing AMaT

Clinical audit dashboard

The Audit Management and Tracking tool to streamline all of your auditing requirements into one simple, easy-to-use system.

  • Audit activity dashboards & tables
  • Step by step audit process
  • Unlimited users
  • Audit sharing & collaboration
  • Action planning & monitoring
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Ward audit scheduling & reporting
  • User development forum

Clinical Teams

Clinical Teams and AMaT

Clinical audit activity

AMaT allows clinical teams to register audits and improvement projects, associate related guidance, complete audits online, manage action plans and scheduling.

A timely and efficient solution - and one that means more time spent at patient bedsides.

The key benefits of AMaT for Clinical Teams are:

  • Simple management of all projects from national audits to junior doctor improvement projects
  • Visibility of non compliance and areas of focus for future improvement projects
  • Easy management of reaudits
  • Step-by-step guidance through the audit; all action plans and scheduling are managed
  • PDF certificates and reports

Ward Teams

Ward and Area Teams

Ward audits dashboard

Ward, area and team based audits are a daily part of clinical areas. But given the amount of time, labour, and paperwork involved, they can be challenging to implement effectively, and documentation can be easily duplicated or omitted.

The AMaT system allows for a structured approach to ward-based audits, promoting a paper-free auditing environment for audits from infection prevention to medicines, increasing accuracy and improving the reporting of compliance with standards. Because it is web-based, AMaT centralises your data, generates notifications and reminders, and gives you real-time visibility into performance against benchmarks.

The key benefits of AMaT for Ward Teams are:

  • Simple creation of daily, monthly, quarterly and annual audits from hand hygiene, controlled drug to CQC style inspections
  • Easy audit completion using smartphones or tablets: no more legibility issues, lost paperwork or rekeying data
  • Add action plans, receive prompts and upload evidence of completion
  • Dashboards clearly show audit activity, actions and progress with results displayed by organisation, clinical team, ward or area and question level.



Guidance dashboard

AMaT ensures that all NICE guidance is updated and available for teams and individuals to access. Guidance can be associated with audits and projects, and AMaT manages statements of compliance and related action plans.

AMaT also allows users to add local and national guidelines, policies and many other types of guidance, providing a library to link to audit projects and monitor any gaps in auditing.

The key benefits of AMaT for Guidance are:

  • Identify gaps in audit activity against guidance
  • Easily manage statements of compliance, risks and actions plans
  • Dashboards display progress and compliance status
  • Allows teams to manage their guidance and evidence compliance



Inspections screenshot

AMaT enables organisations to manage all recommendations, information requests, actions and evidence before, during and following an inspection.

AMaT intrinsically provides the following benefits for inspections:

  • Instant overview of the progress of all recommendations and actions
  • Approval process for actions and evidence of completion
  • Linking themes and regulations to recommendations
  • Timely notifications and overdue alerts to ensure evidence and actions are completed

AMaT testimonials


AMaT has reduced the time taken to carry out an audit, and increased visibility of the process.


Alison Leather, Clinical Audit & Effectiveness Manager, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Trust


One of the nurses was having to type up CQC spot checks on paper, at night and over the weekend. Now this is done in AMaT, the data and reports are all there. It has saved her a huge amount of time.


Deborah Kershaw, Head of Outcomes and Assurance, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust


The feedback we get is incredible. I have not had a single person use it and say they don't like it.


Tracey Brailsford, Quality and Performance Lead, Derbyshire Community NHS Trust


The system is a game changer - it helps us to [capture evidence] in a measurable and manageable way.


Natalie Morgan Thomas, Deputy Head of Clinical Audit and Lead Nurse for Clinical Effectiveness, Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board


AMaT gave us more insight into what the problems were in meeting the audit criteria.


Laura Kirby, National Clinical Information Lead, Spire Healthcare


There was nothing that did everything that we wanted it to do, for example ward audits and NICE compliance statements. [AMaT is the] solution that best meets our needs.


Alison Leather, Clinical Audit & Effectiveness Manager, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Trust


This is helping to ensure as a health board that we are cost effective, clinically effective and that we are providing the best opportunities and outcomes for patients.


Natalie Morgan Thomas, Deputy Head of Clinical Audit and Lead Nurse for Clinical Effectiveness, Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board


With AMaT, we have a system to capture what activity is taking place, one that gives people ownership and puts names against actions, and one that provides visibility of how projects are progressing and who has completed what.


Deborah Kershaw, Head of Outcomes and Assurance, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

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What is AMaT ?

AMaT is an innovative system designed to make auditing easier, faster, and more effective.

Auditing is a vital part of healthcare, helping to improve patient care, manage risk, and comply with reporting requirements. But it is also time-consuming, labour-intensive, and often slow to deliver results and actions.

AMaT was created with NHS clinical audit teams to give you more control over your audit activity and to provide real-time insight and reporting for clinicians, wards, audit departments and healthcare trusts.


AMaT is intuitive and perfectly aligned with our processes. Our clinical colleagues are queuing up to use it.


Steve O'Brien, Associate Director Quality, LTHTr

AMaT is easy to implement, and simple to use. Data can be input and accessed in real time on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, giving healthcare staff increased flexibility and mobility - and more time to spend with patients.

Because AMaT is a web-based system, you can securely share information with others instantly. What's more, it's customisable to meet the specific needs of your department or organisation.

Find out more

See audit results instantly

AMaT is designed around a dashboard system, which means the results of your audit and improvement data can be seen at a glance in easy-to-read graphical presentations.

Whether you need to share audit results trust-wide, or tailor them for specific specialities and divisions, AMaT will help you increase awareness and education throughout your organisation.

The dashboards provide clear visuals for your audit data, giving you real-time insight into how well you're performing, and providing the ability to react swiftly to implement change and improvements where necessary.

AMaT is intuitive and simple to use, but the technology behind it is powerful, enabling you to easily create and track hundreds of audits.

It works seamlessly with all elements of your audit process: upload files from other sources; create pro formas and questionnaires; send instant email notifications to co-workers for their input; submit reports to managers, and generate completion certificates - from your desktop or mobile device.

AMaT dashboards

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AMaT and Meantime IT

AMaT is developed and managed by Meantime IT - ISO 27001 certified for information security.

Meantime IT continue to work with NHS clinical audit teams using AMaT, to deliver effective and meaningful quarterly updates to the system. Continuously developing the system to ensure the reporting needs of organisations are met.

AMaT is available on the Crown Commercial Services G-Cloud 11 Framework

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AMaT podcast

The clinical audit and improvement podcast

We bring together experts to talk about a range of topics for the benefit of everyone involved in clinical audit and improvement projects across healthcare.

This month's guests

Joanne Henson

Joanne Henson is Clinical Audit Lead at Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust. She now helps to engage clinical staff in Clinical Audit, IPC Audit and CQC self-assessments, as well as with National Audits and the Junior Doctors Audit programme.

Charlotte Butters

Charlotte Butters is the Quality & Governance Lead for Outpatient Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy & MSK Service at Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust. She's helped teams manage their own clinical audit and QI projects, as well as coordinating participation in national audits.

The impact of Covid on Clinical Audit

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